Be Unicorn - Your Path To Success

"Be Unicorn" is a tailored program for early stage startup founders as well as for wanna be founders with an idea to solve a problem. The program identifies & addresses the specific needs and challenges of early stage startup founders and helps them turn their vision into a successful reality.

  • Be ready to touch ground and do what is important for your startup.
  • Get Nurtured and empowered to be the next generation startup founder.
  • Get market access, startegic guidance and become fundable.
  • Raise Capital, access network and be on growth trajectory.

Be Unicorn - Program Features

It's Not About Knowledge

Knowledge is plenty, what you need is how to use it for the growth of your startup and the tactics for choosing what works for you.

Recongize The Gap

It's never easy to know the gap when you are into it, what you need is outside view to find it and then fill it with expert's guidance.

Find Growth

Often knowing the right market is very illusionary, what you need is clarity to target the right customer segments and finding your growth.

Reach Product Market Fitment

Idea stage or early stage is only about the problem, this requires continuous iterations for reaching the various milestone before reaching to product market fitment (PMF) stage.

Review Checklist

Knowing what is to be done and doing it right is not easy, this requires a lot of perseverance this is where the checklist acts as catalyst for maturing your idea into real business.

Being Pitch Ready

You can raise capital at any stage of your startup, but are you ready to take the plunge and ready for facing the investors. If not then let's do what is needed to be fundable at any stage.

Why Choose "Be Unicorn"

Let's grow your business together

Get the backing and support from our mentors for your growth.

Let's collaborate to work towards the startup's growth and success. Our guidance and support can prove invaluable in helping the startup's founders navigate challenges, refine their business strategies, and take advantage of opportunities for expansion.

Skill-Building is the key to success

Ongoingly build highly required skill for thriving in business

Enhance your entrepreneurial skillset through our engaging workshops. From crafting a compelling business plan to mastering effective marketing strategies, our program covers a wide range of essential topics.

Network, Network, Network

Meet customer, professionals, VCs and entrepreneurs.

Our program provides access to a diverse and vibrant community of entrepreneurs, VCs and professionals. Through our programs and community events, you'll have the chance to connect with potential partners, investors, and customers.

Pitch is essetial for your success

Pitch practice is essestial for startup success.

As a vital aspect of any startup's journey, we offer opportunities for startups to practice and refine their pitch in front of a supportive audience, including potential investors.

Make use of resourceful ecosystem

Our partners will help you cross many necessory obstacles

We have established strong partnerships with various organizations and institutions, providing startups with access to resources such as funding opportunities, legal support, and business development services.

Want to join the program?

It's designed to provide aspiring founders with the guidance, support, and resources they need to navigate the challenging journey of building a successful startup Unicorn.

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