Our Startup Support Services

Pitch Preparation

We work with startups to develop a pitch that resonates with investors and effectively addresses their concerns and questions

Virtual CFO

We provide startups with virtual CFO services to help them develop financial plans, manage cash flow, and make strategic financial decisions.

Virtual CTO

Virtual CTO services helps startups to leverage the expertise of experienced technology leaders, who provide guidance and advice on technology strategy, product development, and other critical technical areas.

Product Market Fitment

Product-market fit (PMF) is the holy grail of startup success. It is the point where a product or service meets the needs of the market and achieves widespread adoption.

Due Diligence (DD)

We conduct a thorough analysis of the startup’s financial, legal, and operational performance to identify any potential issues that could arise during the fund raising process.

Demo Days

Startup demo days are events where entrepreneurs get the opportunity to present their business ideas or products to a panel of investors.


We help tech as well as non-tech founders launch their tech products. We help you getting from zero to one, from back of paper sketch to an MVP.


Our team has helped scale multiple startups and can help you with our learnings. We are happy to be the devil's advocate.


We invest as well as help you connect with Investors with warm intros, so that you can cut the chase and get directly to pitching what you have built.

Sales & Marketing

We help you identify their target market, develop marketing plans, and execute sales strategies that drive growth and revenue. .

Pitch To Us

Anybody can fund you. But only a few are long-term committed to help you grow 100x. Your start-up needs much more than just funds for 100x grwoth.

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